Interns: contact Matt Arner or Braxton and come learn!  We teach you the basics of grip, electric, sales, marketing, and social media promotion.  Give us 8 hours a week(2 4 hour days on monday and friday) for 2 months and we give you a truck to run, and then a career!

Grips and Gaffers!!  Contact any of our best boys to get on our G & E team and work on shows!!!  It helps if you can promote yourself and our packages on social media! The best way is to get on our team is to come to truck/yard days to learn the gear and the team!  After a year at LaGrip most our our guys graduate and go Local 80 or 728.

Producers that want to work with us for deals and referral fees!  As an independent producer you can attach to LaGrip Studios and use our facilities at no charge!  If interested contact Braxton Davis our EP.

Producer Interns:  We do a lot of co productions so if you want to learn the job of a UPM we can help with that also, call Braxton.

Co-Productions …. how they work!!
Lighting, Camera, Standing Sets, Sound Packages, RV rentals, Production Office Space, and more:  Braxton can attach as a Producer and we do Co-Productions.  Award Winning Crew, Internationally Acclaimed Production Companies, Post Production, Marketing, Development, Casting Directors, and Entertainment Attorneys.

LA Grip is a vendor, equipment and service provider.

LA Grip Studios is a full service production house powered by a vendor providing equipment and crew to over 300 productions every year. These resources and economies of scale are available through Co-Productions, allowing us to provide the highest standards in every aspect of content creation from concept and branding through delivery and distribution.

If needed, Our Associate Producers can help with all your equipment, crew, and more! LA Grip Studio’s Roster of Producers and Crew are available for your production. From Gaffers and PA’s to Writers, Directors, Cinematographers, and Editors, all were hand selected from hundreds of productions to bring you the most talented, hardworking professionals available.

LaGrip Studio is  SAG-AFTRA Signatory and on file with FilmLA.