Tripp’s Green Light

Welcome to Tripp’s Green Light!

Tripp’s Green Light is here to help your distributable feature film get funded!

In order to qualify for Tripp’s Green Light Factor/The Green Light you must book two of our top production executives on yourCover Factory project. This includes Braxton Davis (SAG actor), Tripp Weathers (Writer and/or Director). Doing so can earn your production “The GREEN LIGHT.”

Tripp’s Green Light Factor/The Green Light entitles you to everything LA Grip has to offer at no charge or deep discount, or we may even invest. EMAIL TRIPP AT for more info.

-Tripp can polish and rewrite your script
-Casting by Holland Weathers (NBC/ABC Casting Producer) IMDB
-Fundraising for your project
-Tripp can direct your feature
-Braxton Davis is a SAG actor with many Big name contacts!
-Grip/Electric/Genny package
-RV rentals for Production or your Star!
-Sound package
-Sets and Location package
-Post edit
-LA Red Carpets will help organize your Red Carpet Premiere

Denise Richards

Braxton and Denise Richards

Daytime Emmy for The Bay

Daytime Emmy for The Bay